Welcome to MindSafe at Work

‘Our aim is to ensure your business is compliant with Health and Safety Guidance and Regulations in the UK relating to the Mental Well-being of your staff.’

Jill Gordon, Founder and Director of MindSafe at Work

Managing and supporting people’s mental health at work is a critical and growing challenge for employers. Most people will be affected in some way by poor mental health, either personally or through family and friends, so mental health is an issue for EVERY organisation in the UK.

Equally important are the positive business reasons for supporting staff mental health. The world of work is changing, with employee engagement, flexible working, resilience and talent management now a common currency. Positively managing mental health underpins these approaches and can reap rewards in terms of staff morale, productivity and loyalty.

What exactly do we do?

We implement a Health and Safety perspective for Mental Well-being at work, to ensure adherence with Management Standards and compliance with legal regulations.

We complete a Risk Assessment of your employees specific to your industry/sector.

We facilitate and provide training for both managers and employees.

We provide guidance to help develop a Mental Well-being strategy specific to your business with the latest up to date information and resources available.

We establish your business as a safe, healthy and compliant place to work, with regular reviews and up to date support.

The legal case

The law requires employers to tackle work-related stress.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require employers to assess the risk of stress-related ill health arising from work activities, as with any other hazard. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires an employer to take measures to control that risk. (Guidance from HSE)

For employees – your employer has a legal duty to assess the risks to your health from stress at work and share the results of any risk assessment with you. Your employer may follow HSE’s Management Standards Approach which help identify and manage the main causes of stress at work.

Why choose us?​

We are highly skilled in communication as well as the management standards/core standards approach and have worked with a wide variety of professions.

We have years of experience and a vast range of knowledge in terms of mental well-being including the health and safety legislation relating to this.

We always ensure a high quality of work.

We have excellent recommendations.

We have a strong passion for what we do.

Our key service – Mental Well-being Risk Assessment

To ensure your business or organisation is complying with Health and Safety regulations relating to the mental well-being of your employees, we provide a full risk assessment based on Management Standards. This set of standards was developed by The Health and Safety Executive in 2004. 

It is the first and most important step towards managing and controlling stress in the workplace. We take care of the whole process and provide a comprehensive report for you to build the foundation of a safe, healthy workforce.

Reduce the cost of sick absence, make it easier to acquire and retain staff, increase productivity and staff morale, enhance organisational reputation and reduce the risk of litigation.