Welcome to our Online Training page. Here you will find our excellent range of training classes relating to Mental Well-being in the workplace. Each class has been designed by us, based on our experience of working in real life situations across a large number of business areas. Our classes are much more than content. The knowledge and experience we hold is unique and reflected in everything we deliver.

Our class numbers are capped to ensure a high standard of delivery and effective learning. Classes can be delivered to your business as required in the form of webinars.

We prefer to use live webinars so personal interaction can occur. Our experience shows learning by pre recorded videos or webinars can limit the potential learning and retention of information.

Mental Well-being in the workplace is our passion. We enjoy delivering classes to support employers in raising awareness, providing managers with practical tools and empowering staff to take responsibility of their own Mental Well-being.

Each webinar has time allocated for any questions which may arise.

MindSafe at Work are currently running the following classes on a regular basis. We can also work with you to create a bespoke class if the need is identified within your business.

NEW WEBINAR – How to Manage and Control Stress in the Care Industry

Wednesday 8th July 2020 @ 2-3pm – Find our more by clicking the link here – https://mailchi.mp/51c545e31315/managing-and-controlling-stress-in-the-care-industry

Mindsafe FIRST – Suicide Prevention Awareness and Skills Training

The FIRST thing we want to do when considering the effect of suicide in our communities or organisations is to prevent it happening at all. Just one suicide is not acceptable!

Although there are many elements in preventing suicide, MindSafe FIRST focuses on raising awareness, encouraging people to talk about how they are feeling and where to get support.

Exploring these three things, will strengthen the ability of those who attend the online session to support people in crisis, as well as reminding them to look after their own mental well-being.

The objectives of this short programme are:

  • To increase awareness of suicide prevention
  • To reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and suicidal behaviour
  • To promote and encourage those in distress to reach out for support
  • To train those working within community and voluntary organisations to have the ability to pick up on early signs of distress or poor mental well-being
  • To ensure those attending the programme feel confident in supporting those who may feel suicidal and know where to signpost for support.
  • To establish a team of individuals within an organisation who can support those bereaved by suicide or those exposed to suicidal behaviour in others
  • To improve awareness of formal and informal sources of support
  • To enhance the local community in preventing and responding to suicidal behaviour within their organisation or neighbourhood.

Running over 90 mins, this vital session can accommodate up to 8 attendees at a time, giving time for discussion and skills practise. Attendance certificates provided.

Promoting Good Mental Health in the Workplace

Providing this particular training for employees is a very tangible way of demonstrating to your staff that you take their mental well-being seriously. Content focuses on the steps staff can take to protect their mental health in the workplace, the ways in which they can support their colleagues who are experiencing mental health issues, and the corporate and community resources available for additional support. An essential class for all. A great foundation for further learning about the importance of investing in your mental well-being. Running over 60 mins, our most popular class is packed full of essential information and can accommodate up to 25 attendees.

Supporting Others with Anxiety

A practical guide to help learn more about anxiety, understand, listen properly, and how it can affect an individuals thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We also explore things to say or do and what can be useful in the workplace. This is particularly beneficial for managers but is helpful for work colleagues too. Running over 60 mins, this very effective class contains tools to use going forward in supporting others and can accommodate up to 25 attendees.

Supporting staff experiencing Mental Health Problems or Illness – Guidance for Managers

An simple way of learning all you need to know as a manager when supporting staff experiencing mental health problems or illness. We explore disclosure and confidentiality, signs and symptoms, putting support measures in place, good communication and understanding need, consideration of prescribed treatments and how they may impact on work as well as discussing what is reasonably practicable. This is quite an intensive 90 mins with an excellent comprehensive guide with tips on providing practical and emotional support. This class is capped at 20 attendees to allow for plenty of question and answer time throughout.

Wellness Action Plans – A Practical Guide for Managers

A Wellness Action Plan is a personalised and practical tool which reminds us we need to stay well at work and details what our Line Manager can do better to support us. It also helps develop an awareness of our working style, stress triggers and responses and enables us to communicate these with our manager. (CIPD)

This practical online training gives managers the confidence and competence to use a Wellness Action Plan with staff. Time is provided to discuss any concerns and address individual organisational issues. An online template will be provided with guidance on confidentiality and data protection.

A Wellness Action Plan can be used as a method of early intervention, to prevent a long term sick absence and enhance a supportive working environment.

Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace for Mental Health

A short but informative and interesting 40 minute class on reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Line Managers are key when supporting staff in either returning to work after absence or managing illness while still in work. We look at vital points such as legal guidance, managing expectations, business need and what can be offered to help. It can be daunting for managers when a new situation arises which is why this course was designed to reassure and build confidence. It also aims to ensure employers are fully aware of all resources available as well as where to find further information and resources. Capped at 25 attendees.

Supporting through Change – A Managers Easy Guide

This excellent class begins with why support is required through organisational change, a managers role, key principles, business benefits and the long term. We also investigate reactions to change and how it can affect people differently, identifying resources within your team, managing resistance and evaluating progress. A vital tool for any employer to manage small or large changes within the organisation. Running over 60 mins, this enjoyable and thought provoking class is capped at 25 attendees.

The Line Managers Role in Stress Management

This is a very useful class for managers in any work sector. We explore prevention and intervention, possible signs and symptoms of stress, how to approach discussion, practical tips to support and reassure, individual and team action plans, monitoring and evaluation, further resources and sign posting. A 60 min class capped at 25 attendees to provide sufficient time for questions.

Crisis Management – Supporting staff

Don’t wait until a crisis occurs in the workplace before deciding on a course of action. This 50 minute class is a vital investment for all organisations. We explore what can be described as a crisis that can impact on an individuals mental well-being, possible reactions, putting a plan in place, ensuring clear communication, understanding of roles and responsibilities, follow up and evaluation. Capped at 25 attendees, this is an essential and effective way of being prepared for the unexpected in terms of people management.

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